SAHM: Stay At Home Mama

That is right friends I am a stay at home mom with no car. Now let me start by saying yes this is a situation we somewhat chose to be in and its not not working... I want to talk about it! Recently I have become more and more aware how crazy it seems to people that I stay at home with two kids under three and don't have a way to leave (for sanity). Yes we take the occasional walk, but come on this heat is killing everyone! Now that the kids are little older I am noticing all the things available in our city, and the community that I want to connect with! Sister, comparison is the thief of all joy... 

For positive thinking I wanted to share what ways I feel like I can make it through the day on the somewhat sanity I have left... thanks kids.... If you are in the same shoes as me then please girl I know not every day is sunshine and rainbows! Nick does get those text messages... "When the hell are you coming home? I am going nuts here! Babe I love you I am sorry for yelling at you.... but seriously dude when are you coming home!?" I have to be a little honest! 

So here is what I do to make those final hours feel not so long! 

ONE give yourself a little love

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I start my day either two ways: I could stay in my pajamas and glasses without washing my face. Or I could get up and get dressed (even if that means putting different sweats on), pop those contacts in... freshen up and apply a little cc cream! I notice a huge shift in my attitude when I take that 5 mins or so to make myself feel put together! Also if you haven't read my oil routine I will link it here, because I swear by it! 

TWO open the windows

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Heaven forbid I skip step one, I for sure will not start my families morning off in the dark! We let all the light in! It brings everyones moods up, the girls love staring at the birds in our front trees! Our home is incredibly dark and I was feeling really quite depressed in our early years of living here... once I started letting light in it changed my perspective! I encourage you to do the same! Trust me! We also start up our three diffusers down stairs, usual I stick with an energizing oil such as Citrus Fresh!

THREE inspire your heart


| Rise Together Rachel + Dave Hollis | MOMMISPACE |

I am a big reader currently I am reading two books at night ... I want to get that same motivation in my morning! I listen to podcasts! Wether it is MOMMISPACE or Rachel and Dave Hollis's Rise Together, I always want to be filling my heart and mind with motivational words! There are small moments in life when I can actually journal notes giving more power to the words I am recieving! I play the podcast's while feeding the girls breakfast or cleaning up the kitchen after.

FOUR tidy as you go

In our home we have been practicing the Konmari method and with that comes the one touch rule! Ex: come home take off your jacket (one touch rule) hang it up. We are creatures of bad habit and throw the jacket some where... hang it up later... and that went on for everything... the mess began to get out of control! I tidy up as I go not because I am trying to impress anyone. I tidy up because it creates a functional space for my family and I! Finding balance in life is a beautiful thing! Don't over do it and stress yourself out that defeats the purpose! As for the drawer that is opened... I giggle because I have learned to live with it... my child always always gets into that drawer and it reminds me that no matter how much I clean I live with two toddlers!

FIVE embrace the choas

Like I said I live with with two toddlers! There is going to be some chaos.... someone is always getting into something! I can not count on both hands how many times Adaline gets into the diffusers or like the pictures above... something gets destroyed! It is tiring but also real life! When it happens in your home do not get stuck in the mindset that someone has it more put together! Us mamas all go through it (unless your a walking miracle!... share your secrets) If you are fighting the inevitable you are going to feel defeated. Embrace the chaos, find a balance act in the chaos!

SIX be intentional

This is very important. Unfortunately, bless his soul, my step father passed away the end of my freshmen year. It was very sudden, also at a very impressionable age!  I promised myself that I would honor him through my husband and children! I think we all know how tech savvy our world is. Everything is at the tips of our thumbs! It is easy to get caught up in the scroll! Take a step back, hit the do not disturb and watch your children light up! 

SEVEN make time for your dreams

I can not tell you enough that your hopes and dreams matter... so take time for them! I still have to get over that feeling of guilt when I sit down and create content! But darn it mama's you are WORTHY! I am worthy of my dreams! (I repeat this frequently to myself) Whatever that might look like for you, make time to work towards it! I use nap time or after everyone is already asleep late in the night! Just because you stay home (or a working mom, not a mom, young, married, divorced, widowed... at any point in your life) you have to make it happen! For myself I set the scene. Grab a drink, roll on my dreamer roller, and play some music! Making your dreams happen shouldn't be a daunting task make it fun and inviting! 

Not everyday looks the same, not everyday is easy but in vise versa not everyday is hard! Pick your battles, try new things, work at your goals! This is your life! So yes, I am a car less SAHM but I am happy. I create my happiness and I avoid looking into someone else's lane! This is the season I am in, but that is the beauty about seasons... they don't last forever! Make the best of your journey! 

xo Robin

Robin’s cooking what?!

Robin’s cooking what?!