Well friends we made it to a year and I honestly can't believe it! We wanted so badly to celebrate our daughter... with life moving at a million miles per second we decided last min to host a very small party in our very tiny home! The nerves leading up to the week before were definitely there! Mostly implementing the no shoe rule in my home (we will circle back to that). However, as preparations started to fall into place we were so ready to party!

It was a very successful relaxed party, Nick and I were able to soak it all up! Most importantly Adaline had such a blast being the center of attention!! We kept the menu small which everyone seemed to like! Sandwiches, Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad, Chips+Dip, and Nachos! Our cooler consisted of the typically soda cans and water bottles! I made the cakes from scratch, click here for cake  + here for frosting, it was so yummy! *pat on the back, first homemade cake*

My friend Angela was so sweet and captured the moments of cake + presents! I will forever cherish these photos! 

Adaline had no problem munching on her smash cake and of course big sister had to help her blow out the candle! When Tessla turned one it was over 100 degrees and she was miserable by the time we got to presents! So as the time came for Addie, I took a deep breathe... I was so over joyed to find that she knew exactly what she was doing and opened up every single present by herself!!!! It was adorable! *I have all the rest of the photos down below*

I had a lot of mom guilt that I never captured the month to month pictures, my main focus was keeping two kids under two alive by myself! So when it came time to gather photos... I went on hunt in the thousands upon thousands of photos I do have! 

I was so happy to have captured the sweetest of moments! The one of nick kissing her on the head 3 row down 2 photo in... was such a special moment! He had to leave 2 weeks after her birth and did not see her in person till about 6 months old! It was hard to have that realization brought to light but it is what makes our family close and why this photo is such a tender moment.

cake 9.jpg

I love my family! I love the chances we have to celebrate life and watch our children grow! Thank you to everyone who came and spent those hours in small space to be apart of a big memory! So grateful beyond words for the grandparents who love our children like their own.

| All the photos of the smash cake + cake |

| All the photos of her opening up presents |


it was a challenging year of learning a whole new person and new ways of parenting! I am so beyond blessed to have you as my daughter! Happy Birthday my sweet girl! I hope that as the years pass our bond blossoms! I love you to the moon and back!

So the no shoe thing....

 Which thank you everyone who respected that! It really wasn't an issue as I thought it would be. I like to keep a clean space for my kiddos since most of our day is spent on the ground. When you think about what is on the bottom of shoes it can get pretty nasty! I had just cleaned the carpets and having light carpet and sappy trees outside... Nick and I agreed that a household rule is no shoes on the carpet. I was super nervous about it but by the end of the day its your house. So we hung a sign on the front door saying, " Welcome (door is open) We have little ones on the floor please remove your shoes inside! Easy as that and my carpets weren't trashed! *Note: our tile is stained from all the million home owners before us #militaryhousing* Another reason why we try so hard to keep the carpet clean... definitely don't want to be charged to replace it!

gathering 2.jpg

Thanks to anyone who made it this far! It was impossible for me not to want to add all the pictures! Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes! I love dearly that I can share these moments on my blog! 

xo Robin