This past Wednesday I was able to attend an event called “The Motherhood Mission” hosted by Nora Haidao, from @blueberryblooms. It was held at Hatched Collective, here in San Diego! Shout out to my girl Mia for giving me her ticket and a little push to go! I am very intimidated to go places by myself... were I know absolutely no one... but Nora and all the other mamas made me feel so incredibly welcomed and cared for! 

First off how gorgeous was this space/event! Hatched Collective is such an amazing little nook for women to gather and feel relaxed! I really need to get out of the house more... lived here for 3 years and this place is just down the street...


The panel of speakers were just so incredible and down to earth. I will list all the ladies down below with their Instagram handles so you can get to know them more! 

We were able to submit anonymous questions prior to the event. I gained so much information from a lot of topics the public doesn't normally speak on. What really stood out to me was the concept of positive parenting. Making sure my girls build self-esteem through our parenting. We do this by showcasing empathy and making them feel empowered through their actions. 

It has been a week and I already see a huge change in my relationship with both the girls.

Example: Today Tessla didn't want to leave the park and cross the street. Normally I would

A: grab her and walk away getting kicked, with her bawling (normal 2 yr old)

B: Bribe her with a reward for her to leave. (rewarding her bad behavior, just so I didn't have to "deal" with the tears).... but today today was different. 

Today I gave her choices. Each choice resulted in us getting home, but she didn't realize that... kids just like to feel like they have a choice. "Do you want to follow the bugs? Or Do you want to pick flowers?" Notice I didn't say the word home we just made it home. 

By having a bit more patience and empathy with our children we really can shape them into positive empowered humans. In no way do our children run our household. But we as parents have cut back on yelling, bribing, and meltdowns.

I think as parents we love telling our children how proud we are of them! I literally tell the girls that 1264263 times a day. Something I learned through this event and have also put into practiced is... switching it up. Example: "Wow Tessla you cleaned up your toys, you must be so proud of yourself! I know I am proud of you!!" Her little face lit up... like "wow mom I am proud of myself!"

Everyday we have our children is a growing and teaching moment! Trust me we aren't going to be these perfect parents over night. I believe we owe it to our children to try and grow. Give it are all even when we just want to scream. 

You can find more ways to achieve positive parenting through one of the speakers Wendy Snyder, she is so bubbly and smart when it comes to creative ways to be a strong parent! 

I loved what everyone had to say and I am so grateful for the tools to speak truth into my family! 

Panel speakers:

Dr. Marlene Ehrler, ND @motherhoodmedicine | Wendy Snyder @freshstartwendy | Dr. Cassidy Freitas, Ph.D.,LMFT @drcassidy | Candace Hallak @borntoblossomdoula 

I know some of you are here for the outfit details I posted! Love that as well!! I wanted to keep it simple and casual... mostly because I love to eat and sitting in jeans or a dress was not the way to go. Thank the lord for stretchy jumpsuits.


Jumpsuit | Shoes | Hat | Jacket | Bag Similar + Scarf Similar | Bracelet 

 I hope that I was able to shed some light on what I learned! I also think you should definitely check out their pages and take away more information! Thank you for being so patient as I have taken a break from social media but I am back and excited to connect with all of you! 

xo Robin