Happy Monday friends I thought it would be fun to have Nick write today's blog post by doing a Q&A! For those of you who don't know who Nick is, he is my wonderful husband, father to my two beautiful girls, and man behind all my photos! So take it away babe!

What fashion trend do you absolutely hate?

A: If you wear crocs don't talk to me.

What is the strangest meal Robin has ever made?

A: A ghost pepper with one egg! Pretty sure she was trying to kill me. (It was a Jalapeño...diced... Nick is dramatic... it also had onion and potatoes mixed in.)

Did you like it?

A: Absolutely not! It gave me the hiccups.

What is it like living with a bunch of girls?

A: I am surrounded by estrogen! It can be difficult at times with all the emotions. I wouldn't change it for the world though. I love coming home being able to be a softy and just love on my girls. (Just wait till they are teenagers babe... yikes)

Does Robin have a secret talent?

A: she can juggle and catch food that is thrown at her with her mouth

What are 5 facts about yourself?

A: I have wrestled a bear

I get my news from a voodoo woman named Phylis

I once chased down a cheetah... on foot

The "most interesting man in the world" steals his stories from me

 I make myself laugh

( I can vouch for non of these)

What is it like being married to Robin?

A: A nightmare that you never wake up from lol jk she is the only woman I could ever see myself with. She puts up with a lot being married to me and the field of work that I have chosen. In the beginning of us dating I told her what I wanted to do and she (unknowing what the future had in store) said she would follow me. That took a lot of love and trust. The first time I left it was supposed to be four months "max" and it turned into 16 months. We weren't married yet but she stood by my side every step of the way! She could have easily been like so many others and said "this isn't for me" I would have never blamed her. Instead she saw the love and the end goal, ignoring the time and distance away. Trust me when I say there has been a lot of that. I could go on all day with hard times or challenges that have been put in front of us. What I am trying to say is Robin is the best thing to ever happen to me. She's the love of my life and has given me a reason to fight. So what is it like being married to Robin? Everyday is the happiest day of my life.

How do you describe Robin to someone?

A: wayyyyyyy out of my league lol

Do you like that you have been sucked into being an Instagram Husband?

A: It can be annoying at times. It has given us a reason to go out and do more as a family though so really it has been an awesome experience. I don't mind taking pictures of my total babe wife!


Maybe I should have Nick write all my monday blog post #lazymuch... but for real did he kill that or what! I had no idea he was going to go into that much detail! I did however expect the jokes. I am forever grateful for Nick! He is so patient and encouraging even when I make it very hard to be... Thanks babe for being apart of today and everyday! I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned for friday cause Nick killed it again for Instagram Husband! 

xo Robin

FRIENDS! I just remembered Nick I did a Husband Tag video on youtube back when we were babies!