As March is ending I wanted to reflect on all my personal favorites from the month! Growing up I loved watching these types of videos... I still use some finds since back in 2010! I hope you find something here that you fall in love with as much as I have!  


This months beauty beloveds are...

Frenchie Blush by Maskcara |Lash Extensions by Lash POPRevive Ice Roller by Vanity Planet

All of my blushes by Maskcara are well loved but I noticed this month I have been reaching for Frenchie, more so moved it to my everyday palette! If you are on the hunt for a great tawny coral blush Frenchie is the way to go! Perfect for spring and only $14.00 free shipping!! Lash extensions my friends are so worth it! I think you will never realize it until you try it! LASH POP is where it's at!!!! If you are in the Carlsbad area check out their Instagram! Skin care is so very important to me, and with the lack of sleep I am getting these days results in puffiness! Thank goodness for my ice roller! No lie I used to rub a piece of ice on my face to achieve somewhat of the benefits of a stainless steel ice roller! I came across Vanity Planet... and theirs is on MAJOR sale! So many amazing benefits and I love how I feel awake after a lousy nights rest!

- HOME -

Essential Oils have become a huge part of my family as we make the transition to 100% natural home!

Desert Mist Diffuser | Tangerine+Lavender+Frankincense Sleep Blend | YoungLiving 

Like I said this month sleep has been rough! It is inevitable that Adaline still nurses through out the night... I was recommended to combine these oils together to aid a goods night rest! Thank you Mandi! Click on her name and check out her amazing oil page! This blend has really helped relax me and made mine and the girls room smell like a spa! Tessla loves helping set up her diffuser! The Desert Mist diffuser has been our favorite! We have two... they run for 8-10 hours!!! I love how powerful if it is and all the different light settings, including candle flicker! How fancy!!! If you have been wanting to try YoungLiving now is the time to sign up! Our starter pack is absolutely amazing! It includes the Desert Mist diffuser and 11 of my favorite oils some of those being the lavender and frankincense you see above! Click here and my member ID# is 13551483. I promise you will fall in love!!!


So I love any and all types of music... my on repeat song has been Jardin d'hiver by Keren Ann! Im not even going to spoil it just go give a quick listen if you are just wanting to relax!!! I usually listen to it on my spotify while cleaning or cooking! 


I have a handful of shows I am very loyal to but  For The People on ABC is having my eyes glued! Secretly I have always wanted to be a lawyer... I know shocker... so this month I have been living through my television! The cast is amazing and I love the dynamic between Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors!!! If that is your jam definitely start watching!!


I am a shop till I drop kinda gal this month I have purchased and worn lots of hats! Here are a few I have been reaching for...


Straw Fedora | XOXO Cap | Dahlia Grey 

I have been living in hats! March has just been plain crazy... I can't say that enough! Rarely do I have/ take the time to wash my hair. I love throwing on a great hat to complete any outfit! After being pregnant and rocking the mom bun for close to two years straight... finding a good hat is truly the next best thing! Another fashion find that I have not taking off is my Initial Necklace from TheSilverWren! Their jewelry is simply stunning. Each piece is handmade so no two pieces are exact! I love supporting small businesses!!! Go check out her Esty!

Well friends that is a short wrap of things I have been loving this month! If you want more details on certain products you can always messaging me here or over on my Instagram!

xo Robin