Today marks THREE years of marriage for Nick and I! Time really is flying over here...

Nick and I met back in 2012 opening up a restaurant back in Riverside. We were both in weird stages of our lives but God created a divine appointment that lead to a very personal conversation late one night after work! In that moment we both agreed that we knew that was it... we would get married one day. I kid you not that is how the conversation ended! 

2013 Nick left for bootcamp and that was a long and hard close to two year process of long distance for us! 

2015 Nick proposed to me on Valentine's Day... Yes Valentine's Day! I have been laughed at for this but it was the most intimate moment! We had talked about engagement, so I was expecting it! He still managed to surprise me and make me speechless! Story Time...

I had flown out to Virginia friday night to spend Valentine's with Nick... We started the day with Krispy Kreme and proceeded to go see Fifty Shades of Grey (not our best moment). After we grabbed some Chick-fil-A to watch the sunset ...."this is it, he is going to propose! Deep Breathe!" I thought...... NOPE! We drove back to our hotel room were the night seemed to have ended. Laying down Nick starting talking about the future, I ever so snappy, said "babe just stop, stop telling me how its going to be...." He then rolled out of bed... got on one knee... pulled that sparkly ring from his pocket... and ask if I will be his wife!!!!! I felt so dumb and of course said YES with everything in me! 

2015 Literally 37 days later we eloped!    

That's right March 22, 2015 we woke up went to church the hustled down to Canyon Lake, CA were my now father in law quickly married us on the beach! It was a whirl wind!!! All I remember is smiling like a mad women! 

A quick pop of champagne in the parking lot and we were off to live our happily ever after! 

I get asked a lot if we will ever have a big wedding... and the answer is of course! I have a beautiful wedding dress to wear when we decide to do a vow renewal and throw a huge party celebrating us and our family! 

The next question I get asked... were you pregnant? The answer is NO! We literally are just deeply in love with each other! We respect and cherish our love deeply! 

We did however get pregnant 4 months after being married and have continued to grow our family up until 2017! 

So there is our shortened version love story! 

xo Robin

| Dear Nick |

Thank you for your unconditional love that fiercely radiates into our relationship! I am thee luckiest woman to have a husband such as yourself and the girls, a father who would do a million backflips just to see them smile! I can never fully express the love that runs in my bones. WE have been through so much in a short time. I am incredibly blessed by the journey and who it has shaped us into. My prayers did not fall on deaf ears when I was a teenager writing down those non negotiable's! Love, Your Rib