Mom Guilt: The voice in your head telling you, you are failing your children... 

Friends I struggle so hard in this area! I constantly am comparing myself to the expectations social media displays in front of my eyes! I fear that I am doing it all wrong or that I am unworthy of raising these gorgeous babies. 

It is a lie!

 Months ago I had my breaking point... With my husband gone for months I was left with the duties of parenthood solo! As my home slowly deteriorated and the laundry piles turned to mountains I realized my expectations that I placed on myself were not achievable! This devastated me!

I began to feel immense guilt. Sadly it wasn't my first time feeling mom guilt, and I quickly realized this wasn't going away by itself! It got worse and worse and my guilt spiraled into anger. I am not an angry person and motherhood is hard but it should also be joyful?... what am I doing wrong!!!!

That is just it Mama's you aren't doing anything wrong, whoa shocker...

I want to give you some helpful reminders when Mom Guilt STRIKES!

1. YOU thats right YOU, are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!

I am a firm believer that God does not make mistakes! I need to trust that I am made to be these girl's mama and I have it in me to do it! No more seconded guessing yourself!

2. Whatever they EAT they will LIVE!

I went in to motherhood with the expectation that my toddler would eat clean! News Flash she is a toddler and avocado is not her favorite and that is ok! All in moderation of course, but if your child had a donut for breakfast and pizza for dinner... CONGRATS YOUR KID ATE!

3. DIRT don't HURT!

When Tessla was first born I would cringe if someone touched her! (Obviously, keep your child safe) but once Adaline came I found no time to sanitize the toys every other night like I did with Tess... and again that is ok! I have to remind myself that I am not a bad mom if I didn't vacuum for a whole week... I had other sh** to get done! "Homes are for free expressions, not for good impressions!"  This is my hardest downfall and I am still learning! I can say though that if you relax a bit more you will notice a shift in your family's happiness. Give it a try! 

4. SPARE the rod, SPOIL the child!

Have you ever heard of the term being a "YES MOM"? It is this crazy new parenting technique were the Mom, the PARENT, says yes to everything! WHAT THE WHAT! I know I have personally gotten dirty looks when Tessla is throwing a massive fit in public, because I said NO. You are not a bad mom for discipling your child! That is between you and you spouse, do not let society make you feel like an insufficient parent because your kid is being crazy! They are their own little person with feelings and a brain. They are not going to act well behaved all the time and that is ok! 

5. Lastly, YOU TIME!

Mama's isn't it crazy how we work day in and day out, and the second we get some us time, this nasty little voice creeps in and some how makes us feel terrible! Stop that! It is ok to get out by yourself and hit RESET! You are doing yourself and your family a favor. In any relationship... you can not give from an empty cup! This is a huge thing for my family, Nick and I are always making sure that we get "Me Time" in. It never fails though as soon as I see another mom I feel so bad for not having my children with me... or get this; for some reason the second I leave I will miss some monumental moment when my kids need me! It's completely normal! It's hard to hear but life will go on if you aren't home for a few hours... so ENJOY it because you are a GREAT MOM!



I talk more about my family, mom guilt, and the legacy I wish to leave my children on MOMMISPACE! You can click this image to listen and connect with other Mom's! WE are all doing the best we can and we are all GOOD MAMA'S!!!

xo Robin