"Haaair we go!" - Princess Poppy

From color, extensions, and even shaving my head... my hair has always been able to bounce back! Add in two pregnancies and some hormones it becomes a different story! 

After giving birth to Tessla in 2016, I noticed a substantial amount of regrowth around my hair line and hair part. For awhile there it looked like a toddler had taken scissors to parts of my hair... but with a positive mind set, I thought, "At least I am growing hair, and not losing it!"

With no intentions of becoming pregnant anytime soon. I jumped on the band wagon I dyed my hair PURPLE! It was fun for a week and then I slowly regretted my decision, due to the fact that it completely destroyed my hair! 

Quickly realizing I was expecting, I knew I had to dye my hair back to brown! End result..... dirty green hair! 

Fernando to the Rescue!!!!!! Friends if you are in the Carlsbad area you need to visit him! (TIP #1)

Feeling on cloud nine with my amazing color transformation! I still had a long healing process ahead of me!

Flash forward to 2017

I gave birth to Adaline in July. By mid August my heart dropped while washing my hair one evening to find it falling out in chunks! "Noooo!", I thought as I realized I was in the beginning stages of postpartum hair loss! 

Mama's if this is you... first and foremost I am sorry! But with hope I have come up with a list of 7 tools and products that have completely revamped my hair!!!


Fernando at Carlsbad, CA


Bathpack hair brush! This brush is absolutely amazing! I can brush my hair so quickly without any damage or pulling! For only $5.00! You can not beat that!


Nexxus Keraphix line!!!!!! Missed the pre-sale? Then take my word this new 5 step treatment will blow your mind!!!!! It hits the shelves in January and you wont want to miss it! After using this innovative Black Rice infused hair treatment, my hair looks and feels brand new! I am seeing such a difference in my hair loss. Bonus! with every use you smell like you just stepped out of a salon!  


LivingProof Restore Perfecting Spray! This is much more than your average heat protectant! It protects your hair from UV! It's featherweight conditioning not only detangles your hair, but provides that touch of hydration that gives your hair the strength and shine it needs after being damaged!


Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray! I have searched high and low for a hairspray that doesn't leave my hair any more tangled than it already can be! This finishing spray creates and nice soft lived in look without making your hair crispy! (Reduce the number of washes and heat damage!)


Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo! Every Mama needs a good dry shampoo! I have been loving this one mostly because of thee smell! Secondly, because It doesn't clump and cause my scalp to itch. Again, in return elongating the time between washes has really saved my hair from heat damage!


NUME Sleeky in a Bottle Serum! Lastly I share with you magic in a bottle! Having dry damaged hair comes with the territory of trying a lot of smoothing serums. Hands down this is thee best serum that has ever touched my hair! It smooths and de-frizzes my hair with out weighing it down and making it oily!


Well friends there you have it! This combination of a list has completely healed my hair! There is a huge difference in hair loss which makes my 23 year old heart very happy! I hope you found this helpful! Leave a comment letting me know if you have tried or are going to try any of these fantastic products listed above! 

xo Robin